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Melissa Wartenberg and AtticRaiders

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on November 5, 2011 at 8:35 AM

How did AtticRaiders come to be you may ask.....

The delightful establishment AtticRaiders was created by Melissa Wartenberg. Its modest beginnings started after a crippling truck accident that left her with the loss of almost half her body resulting in a cane she uses to help her walk and one hand and one leg left working and to do what previously she did with two of each.


 During her rehabilitation process she trained herself to do what she used to do with two hands, finding innovative ways of putting jewellery and accessories together to form real works of art using a natural skill for melding old and new styles together, augmented with a lot of reading, without any formal training or schooling. As she overcame what many would have considered overwhelming circumstances, she encouraged herself to continue and AtticRaiders’ success was inevitable, reaching people with her story and with the charming mysteries her work hints at across many countries. Her victory has been cathartic and is an encouragement to all who think they cannot continue after having trauma in their own lives.


AtticRaiders has been open since May 2009, but Melissa didn't start touring around selling her work full time at conventions until 2010. After a first Cross-Canada tour completed in 2011 and the dust still settling on its trail, Melissa is in the midst of planning the next tour for AtticRaiders in 2012 - the second Cross Canada Tour and maybe, just maybe, a small USA tour in there as well.


AtticRaiders is a world that holds handmade items inspired by the past and made with a modern twist. Striving to be unique in the craft world today, the work is the accumulation of inspiration, dreams and wheels brought together to create a hint of an imaginary world run on steam. These magical glimpses into history, draw a person in to see what life could be like inside the mad mind behind the designs and leaves them wanting to know more about the vigorous dedication and passion showing through in every curve and cog.


An uncommon purveyor of accessories, jewellery and other items proves to be inspiring and uplifting at the beginning of this more shadowy time of year... feel good stories right now can help people get the incentive to keep on steaming.

To know more about AtticRaiders, Melissa and where AtticRaiders will be touring, find and favourite the website to keep tabs on new information and new items as they are made available.   AtticRaiders



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