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Review - Pilgrim of the Sky

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on February 26, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Pilgrim of the Sky, at its heart, is a story of discovery, travel, family squabbling, loves lost and found, and godlings!

I do believe this is the very first book I have reviewed that is both a steampunk and pagan/mythical story. The blend is unbelievably smooth and delicious, and the images the author has drawn are rich and sumptuous.


The story pulled me in from the very beginning when the main character, Madeline Angler, is introduced. She is a woman finding her way after losing the man she loves. She is dealing with her loss while at the same time caring for his disabled brother, a young man she loves just as deeply. She is just beginning to start a new life when she is transported to a different world, a world of steam and brass and art nouveau without restraint. It is here that she learns that the man she thought was dead to her, is not, that he is much more than she could have ever imagined, and that she is as well.


All of the main characters in Natania Barron's story have substance and their interactions are well crafted and complex. The mysteries and mythology in her tale are nicely designed and she reveals them a little at a time, always leaving a little unsaid. It made me want to sit far longer than I intended to read on and find out more.


By the story's climax  I was, I fully admit it, bawling my eyes out. I won't say whether through sorrow or mirth, but it was, to state it simply, amazing.


Another aspect of this book that I love, is that the cover is done by one of my favourite artists, Brigid Ashwood. The story within is just as intricate and stunning as Brigid's book cover.


You can find out more about Pilgrim of the Sky and the author, Natania Barron HERE



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