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Review - Wicked as They Come

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on April 9, 2012 at 7:35 AM

I have read a large number of steampunk books. A few of them have involved vampires. But this story, I can say with absolute certainty, is the first steampunk book I have read with predator rabbits!

Author Deliliah S. Dawson has taken the usual story of vampire and turned it on its head. She has brought them back to their predator side. It's not a curse or a spell or even a disease. They can walk in daylight and even have children. The best part is the number and variety of other “blud” creatures, but I'll leave the future reader to find that out on their own. I have already mentioned the bludbunnies. They were definitely my favourite. I also loved how the book's heroine Tish Everett learned to “punt” the little nippers away from her when they would come sweetly hopping from the woods to bleed her dry. Visions of Monty Python dance in my head just at the thought of it.

I also quite enjoyed the mode of travel, so to speak, to get from our world to the land of Sang where the blud creatures outnumber the “pinkies”.  Again the author has taken a different approach and has the doorway open through the unconscious mind, and this is not just Tish's mind, but also a couple of other characters who are central to the plot. What Ms. Dawson has left out is the how and why one gets to Sang. She has left me itching for answers that I do hope are revealed in her next book which takes place in this same land, only with different main characters.

There are a number of steampunk aspects to the book, from the Victorian dress and morals, to the automaton creatures and transportation devices throughout the story. She has also used some of the Victorian clothing practices – high collars and gloves – as a means of protection against the blud creatures,clever. Other than the gears found on the front cover, there are no superfluous gears or goggles found here. Everything is well placed and makes sense. It's quite refreshing. The best part is the gorgeous submarine – savour the description. It is definitely Verne inspired! If I had all the money in the world I would have someone use her description to build me one...or at the very least redo the interior of my steampunk trailer.

Wicked as They Come is fast paced and fun. It has an incredibly imaginative plotline and a very lovely badboy hero. It's like a favourite beach book, but darker...and with bunnies.... with big nasty teeth.



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