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Review - Girl in the Clockwork Collar

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on May 26, 2012 at 8:05 AM

I am currently sitting in a hotel room bright and early this morning attending an anime convention in Toronto, Ontario for my daughter's Sweet 16. I thought about not doing any work while here, but it seemed just too darn appropriate to work on my review of  The Girl in The Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross.

The first reason is that the artist who made the actual collar on the book cover resides here in Toronto,Ontario and is a member of Steampunk Canada. ClockworkZero is a Canadian jewellery artist who makes unique steampunk pieces, including the Clockwork Collar. You can even win the fabulous collar! Harlequin Teen is holding a contest. It is open until June1st and you can enter HERE.

The second reason is that as I watch all the teenagers wandering the hallways, I think of the main characters in the story. Finley, Griffin, Emily and Sam would have a great time here. Every one is dressed up and and they would fit right in. At future conventions I would love to see people dressed like them. Although The Steampunk Chronicles are not an anime or manga, they surely could be. I would love to see that!

My last reason for sitting here early this morning to write this review instead of catching up on my sleep is that I felt it was worth writing. This second book in The Steampunk Chronicles is just as good as the first. Kady Cross has done a fine job of continuing Finley's tale, including Griffin,Emily, Sam, and now Jasper as well.

I'm quite pleased we got to learn more about Jasper, and I love the fact that this story is based in the United States. It was great to read a steampunk story set in the Victorian period, but not in Victorian England. There is a whole world to explore. I also like that the author gave us a little taste of the back streets and dark places live Five Points in New York during that period. I hope it inspires those reading the book to do some research on their own. It has quite the interesting history.

Something else I enjoyed was a very small part of the book, and I'm not sure if the author meant to do this, but during Jasper and Finley's encounter with Wildcat she and Jasper bagan calling each other by their places of origin - “SanFran” and “New York” instead of their proper names. This brought to mind scenes from a very funny movie called Zombieland where they do the same. If the intention was there, it was well appreciated, and if not, I still had a good chuckle.

As for the characters themselves, the author was able to show a little more growth in each throughout a very busy story, including a lot of background information on Jasper.  The baddie, Dalton, was deliciously nasty and the girl in the collar was wonderfully grey in her intentions right up until the end. My favourite character in the story though was Telsa. Yes, the wonderful, crazy Tesla joins the crew this time around and he is wonderfully portrayed. Kudos to Kady Cross for a job well done in showing his genius and his insanity to perfection.

All in all, it was a rollicking good adventure and I quite enjoyed The Girl in the Clockwork Collar. I look forward to the next book in The Steampunk Chronicles.

You can get your own copy now, as it was released just this past Tuesday, May 22. You can find it at Amazon


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