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Steampunk Fabric Artist

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on March 15, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Say hello to  Jalisa Ocean. She is a fabric artist based in Vancouver, BC.

I asked Jalisa to describe what she does and how steampunk has inspired her work:

I spin my creations from a web of inspiration. I weave a tapestry of counter-cultural influences, and in any piece you will find elements of goth, tribal, punk, bohemian, grunge, Lolita, and Victorian elements – stand alone or combined together to create my own unique style of ‘steampunk’.

I take my favorite elements of steampunk culture and incorporate them with other artistic realms to make my own hybrid interpretation, a fantasy world. I find steampunk has been increasing in exposure and popularity, and I think that I need to really push the boundaries of the traditional ‘Victorian Steampunk" style. For me, steampunk fashion is more about channeling your own artistic expression. This is one of the reasons I create all one of a kind creations; just like the individual no two are the same.

She works with Photographer Brutually Beautiful to "convey stories from your deepest dreams and desires".

Here are a few photos from their current collaboration....

Photography: Brutally Beautiful

Models: ZiiCka- Multi-Media/Makeup Artist & Model & Vesper Sephony

Make Up: Tawni Lucid Krystal

Jewlery- Danielle Osbourne & Feralis & Bait Designs & Paint Pirate

Costume Design / Art Direction- Jalisa Ocean

You can purchase the dreamlike fashions at her Etsy shop.

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