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Punks of Steampunk

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on February 1, 2014 at 8:30 AM

With the official launch of Steampunk Hands Around the World beginning tomorrow. Today is the perfect day to share with the world this amazing piece of work by Canadian steampunk Sarah Chernik.

Sarah is a western Canada steampunk.

(photo by Kerim Aktug)

Her paper, The Punks of Steampunk, is a well thought out study of how we are "punking" traditional views and ideas on everything from period accuracy to how we view being physically challenged or other gendered. It is a wonderful piece of work that really shows how huge, international and Splendid this genre/community is.

Grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and give this your full attention.

Sarah's Bio:

Sarah is part of the Official Edmonton steampunk group, a steampunk cruise naval veteran, and a founding member of the steampunk and electro swing fusion dance troupe Raqs Macabre, and the folkloric belly dance troupe Nomadic Tapestry. Sarah is also a cosplayer specializing in multicultural and fantasy inspired steampunk looks (Pinterest: Multicultural Steampunk Adventures). She enjoys a good story told in any medium and a nice cup of tea. She gained the name The Petite Lady of Steam while traveling with the Steam Lady, aka Melissa Warenberg , owner of Attic Raiders and In the Attic.

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