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Canadian Anthology

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on August 4, 2015 at 7:45 AM

Last November I put a call out for Canadian authors.

Exile Editions, together with editor Dominik Parisien, are creating a steampunk anthology. Yes, there have been lots of these, but this one is special because it's all Canadian stories all written by Canadian authors!

Clockwork Canada will be released next April, 2016. The publisher has announced the table of contents:

“La Clochemar” by Charlotte Ashley

“East Wind in Carrall Street” by Holly Schofield

“The Harpoonist” by Brent Nichols

“Crew 255” by Claire Humphrey

“The Curlicue Seahorse” by Chantal Boudreau

“Strange Things Done” by Michal Wojcik

“Buffalo Gals” by Colleen Anderson

“Our Chymical Séance” by Tony Pi

“The Seven O’Clock Man” by Kate Heartfield

“The Tunnels of Madness” by Harold R. Thompson

“Let Slip the Sluicegates of War, Hydro-Girl” by Terri Favro

“Equus” by Kate Story

“Gold Mountain” by Karin Lowachee

“Komagata Maru” by Rati Mehrotra

“Bones of Bronze, Limbs like Iron” by Rhea Rose

This is something to be proud of. Keep watching for its release.

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