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Makers Challenge

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on March 10, 2016 at 8:45 AM

The Steampunk Makers Workshop group on Facebook has put out a challenge to makers and tinkers around the world.

Here are the details from their event page:

 You must build a device in the Steampunk style.

!) It can be portable or stationary, be used as equipment or accessory, either as costume or part of an Airship or Submersible etc;

2) It must have a conceivable function (even if fictional). It cannot be just a box to put something else in. The box is the base of the challenge. It must be converted into something other than just a box.

3) It must feature some sort of box no bigger than roughly the size of a box that would contain a large domestic cutlery set - examples shall be posted

4) The box itself is integral to the design. Examples will be posted of possible projects.

5) No guns, but it can be part of a weapons system.

6) Finally there is a strong encouragement to use recyclables and junk finds within the build.

7) All materials and paints are allowed

Winner is decided upon a 7 day open poll.

9) This challenge has a maximum budget of $20.


* Prizes;

International Bragging rights and the choice of key items in the next build challenge.


To enter the Challenge, simply sign up for the event and start your build!


Contest Date: March 10th - May 9th.

Entries need to be in on or before May 9th!


* Note;

- Work In Progress (WIP) photo's are appreciated.

- WIP's will be added at Steampunk Makers Workshop page.

- All pictures should be posted to the event page, WIP and completed entries.


After the Challenge closes on May 9th, an open poll will be made at the Steampunk Makers Workshop page where you all can vote for your winner.


The challenge is free to participate to all and photo's of all entries will be placed in a separate album.

Give me a message if you have any questions.


There will be no catagories in this build. The qualifications looked for will be creativity and the Steampunk style.


Now, go build something Splendid!!!

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