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Posted by Lee A. Farruga on November 24, 2012 at 7:50 AM

Every once in a while I get music to review, which is great, because I am a big music fan.  I listen to music while I write, while I search the web, while I walk... you get the picture.  My favourite music is anything that is steampunk, carnival, dark or twisted. It has to be layered and intricate, and I love a good mix of old and new styles.

This time I have three very different bands/sounds for you.

The first is a CD given to me by a lovely gentleman while in Lincoln attending The Asylum.  The group is called The Mechanisms and the album is Once Upon a Time (in Space).  It tells a story. A twisted fairytale based in a steampunk world - in space.  The story is told in sixteen songs. They are well told, but while I like the story and the tunes, they are not steampunk in nature, I would call it  "troubador rock" telling a steampunk story.  I found it a little odd. While the separate pieces of this CD are good, their attempt to mix storytelling, folk rock, steampunk and fairytale has missed the mark and flown into the outer atmosphere.  I think if they took their story and put it to original steampunk style music it would be an amazing piece of work.

The second CD I was given to review is by a band known as Thorn.  This is their newest album Electric Motherboard.  It is a mix of  dark, gothic tunes.  While a couple of the songs could be described as dark steampunk,  I would describe it as "cyber gaslight".  The two ladies, Nico and Mea, who play and sing are very talented! They are a musical gem that should be heard.  Don't hesitate to get this one, you will be well rewarded.

Finally, I am putting out a call for help.  I don't usually do this here for Kickstarter projects, but  Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys is asking for help on their latest "steamcrunk" album Soft Time Traveler.  Trust me, if you listen to their tunes you will appreciate the musical description.  They are twisted and extremely talented and deserve every penny you can grasp from your linty pockets to send their way.  As well, they don't just produce great music. They are a threatrical experience and an art show as well. More bang for your precious buck. 

What are you listening to this weekend?!

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