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Sunset Val is Back!

Posted by Lee A. Farruga on April 20, 2013 at 9:25 AM

Back in December, 2011 I introduced author Rob St. Martin and his wonderful writing in my post Book Review Extravaganza. At that time, I found one of my new most favourite characters - Sunset Val. I reviewed the first two books in the series, Sunset Val and Sunset Val Flies Again. After reading these two fantastic adventure stories, I waited with anticipation for the continuation of Val's tale. I did not wait in vain.

(artwork by Karine Charlebois)

Sunset Val's Hat Trick is the best one yet!

It smoothly starts where the last left off and it does not stop moving until the end...and even then... but I will get to that later.

In this book, Sunset Val learns a lot more about the land she has been transported to and all its nasty secrets. She also learns a lot more about being a pirate captain, a celebrity and a hero.

The author also introduces a number of new characters, including Python's people the Lemurisians, The Path of Three, the Fist, the Vulka-rey - werewolf sky fighters (love their logo "we hunt the skies"), Bunny, the Hooded Fox, "militant branch of the fae" - the Redcaps, and even our own Professor Elemental makes an appearance.

All these new characters, and the adventure and action in Hat Trick, are outrageously exciting and they overload the pages. The story practically spills out and on to the reader and pulls you back in with it.

And how does it all end, well that's the kicker. The very evil Rob St. Martin leaves the reader with a cliffhanger to be concluded in the final novel, Sunset Val's Final Boarding.  As much as I shook my fist in the air saying "Darn you St. Martin", I cannot wait to sail the skies once more with Val and her crew. I look forward to the finale of the Sunset Val series.

Find out more about Rob St. Martin and his books at Talyesin's Tales

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