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Amalia Zeichnerin
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Please note: This text is not to be taken too seriously, it's just meant to be entertainment.


You are most likely a Steampunk if...


- you can hardly throw anything away but keep it – because you never know what you could craft with it some day


- you own a growing collection of unique, selfmade and original objects


- you search fashion catalogues, onlineshops or (second hand) shops/thrift stores for clothing, shoes or accessoires which resemble steampunk fashion in any way.


- You spend at least every second weekend on flea markets, garage sales or in vintage or antique shops


- you create a stunning persona with a cool name and a complete biography.


- You have lots of aquaintances with stunning personas but you can't remember their real life names.


- You are an enthusiast about science, technology, history, art or philosophy.


- You are eager to learn new crafts, like carpentry, sewing, brazing...


- you like to think „out of the box“ and don't like playing the rules of someone else's game.


- You are definitely no friend of the mainstream and mass consumption


- you fear the commercialization of Steampunk


- you like using oldfashioned terms for modern technologies, like „aether“ for internet and „cinematography“ for movie.


- You never miss out a period picture set in late 19th oder early 20th century


- you read literature on a daily basis which can be added to Steampunk or a related genre.


- You never leave the house without goggles/hat/corset/walking cane/pocket watch/modded Nerf Gun...


- as a lady, you know that one can hardly bend forward wearing a corset - so it's better to put your shoes on first


- as a lady, you also know how to sit down with a crinoline


- As a gentleman, you sometimes wish yourself back to the times when there were clubs exclusivly for men.


- You change your interior in a way that it looks like something from the 19th century, or like Art Noveau or Art Deco.


- You like dancing to Charleston, Swing, Waltz or music that is even older


- you never tire of being polite and patient with your fellow human beings – even to those who can be a pain in the a**.


- you prefer reading a good book in front of the fireplace while drinking a cup of tea to having a DVD evening on you sofa


- You have oldfashioned or almost extinct hobbies, like penpalships with handwritten post letters, collecting stamps or coins, reading actual books instead of eBooks, keeping a handwritten diary...


- you regularly surf the aether (=the internet), to communicate with like-minded people about your views of the world, hobbies, crafts etc.


- you regularly attend these meet ups or Conventions where many other crazy enthusiasts like yourself rejoice in showing off their latest gadgets or garments and talk with others en detail about how they build/sewed/crafted/invented these.



This list can be continued in comments, so feel free to add something :)

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Great list! I must admit that I'm very much guilty of the first point you brought up. Proudly so!


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Karen Carlisle
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Lee Ann Farruga
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That is an impressive list! I can relate to a number of them. I'm sure every member here can identify with at least two (but probably more).


Canadian Queen of Steampunk. Founder of Steampunk Canada.

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Guilty as charged!

November 9, 2014 at 3:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Kevin Jepson
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Busted :-)

Keep your sightglass full and your firebox trimmed.

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