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Alphonso Du Majikcorpse
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Ahoy all, 

I thought the marketplace would be the best place to put this post as it does lead to a webpage where I sell t-shirts. However shameless self promotion aside I was hoping to start a conversation about steampunk and t-shirts. I am a great enthusiast of both t-shirts and steampunk, and although I do love my goggles and other persona paraphanalia sometimes just a t-shirt will do. I have seen many great shirts in a steampunk style available on the Internet but I do believe there is room for many more. 

That said I would love to talk to everyone here about their favorite steampunk t-shirts and about designs that would be fun to see. I have a list of some potential design I want to work on and will share them if people would like to talk about this topic.

I am including a link to my shop HERE

There is currently a sale on until this Friday, July 25. As much as sales are always good I would more appreciate some honest feedback on what I do have up and on any thoughts for future projects. I am hoping to have some more of my designs up soon and if any one would like to collaborate on an idea that would be really swell.

Thanks and cheers for now,

Alphonso du Majikcorpse


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  ~ Albert Einstein

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Lee Ann Farruga
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Hello Alphonso, I particularly like your Mad Science shirt. Keep at it.

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