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Hi folks I hate to be a nit picker, but Steam was first invented and used in Europe in the Napoleonic era, also Frankenstien was created as well.

Think how histoyr weould have chnaged with Steamtech was around for Napoleon's army.


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Actually, steam power was around long before that. If someone had thought of using it in a better way, the Roman Empire might have been steam



Baron Celsius Von Fahrenheit

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Jedediah Solomon
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9 Actually in an alternate time-line a group led Dankus Quirinius found a way to harness Steam power and built grand war machines and vehicles that enabAble them to defeat all of their enemies (Thus the British Empire never became any more than a group of resistance fighters and the Islanders (whom you would refer to as "Scots" and "Irish") were overtaken with the invention of the Balloon Troops. Of course that was changed when I (leader of the Royal Resistance) developed my Time Tunnel and sabotaged that little scheme. When I returned I expected to be a Hero but all my cohorts were unaware of my activities....since everything in their time-line was erased. Oh well it was fun.

I think, Therefore I am......  I think,.:


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