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Rayne Saikoro
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Hey everyone,

I recently published a short story called "The Machinist's Workshop" on Amazon. If interested, you can download the e-book for free today. I'd love some reviews from my fellow Canandian steampunk lovers ^_^!



After narrowly escaping death, Cecily is asked to repay the favor by helping to revive her fiancé Harlowe, a brilliant machinist. In order to accomplish the task, Cecily must work alongside four automatons who contain parts of the machinist's soul. As Cecily begins her mission, however, she discovers that the automatons have interpreted the plan quite differently, consequently undermining one another in their struggle to reach the same goal. As Harlowe's fragmented mind works against itself, ultimately endangering the person he tried so hard to save, Cecily finds herself uncertain not only of her new mechanical body, but of what her heart is telling her.

Download the short story today for free here:

If you miss out on today's freebie, then keep tabs on my blog for the next one.


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