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I lucked out in engaging with steampunk when I moved to Lindsay, Ontario three years ago. I found the nearly Coldwater Steampunk Fest and it's wonderful. However I found something truly wonderful in a place where a Maker brings the wonders of the Victorian and steam era to life and that's the Horseless Carriage Musuem just east of Fenelon Falls and 30 minutes from Lindsay. The website is; and it is quite good. Mr. Bennet has a number of fully restored vehicles with the prize piece, in my own humble opinion, being the 1899 Stanley Steam Car. There are more contemporary automobiles and trucks running from 1905 to 1923 not to mention the 1895 Sawyer and Massey tractor. And I will not even begin describing the various clockwork music boxes and players including one which is a precusor, as it were, of the 'jukebox' device of modern times. 

This is a private, not public, museum so the visiting hours are arranged by appointment but the visit is worth it. You simply phone the museum. The owner is the curator and restorer so he is intimately familiar with every item he exhibits and the stories about them (ask about the car that was a wedding present for instance) are all worth hearing. If you're familiar with Murdoch Mysteries you may find items that have appeared in various episodes including the detective's bicycle. 

Now I must leave and continue fine tuning the clothing and device I hope to wear at the Niagara Falls Comicon on the first weekend in June. You may find me at the studio both for the group of artists known as With Pen and Brush. 

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