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Amanda Stock
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We in Toronto would love to have you all come out to our events or dicuss steampunk and related happenings in the city. Visit us at:

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Lloyd Penney
Posts: 13

Greetings, Colonel! Brand new I am here, and for anyone who might read this, the Toronto Steampunk Society will have some presence at Ad Astra this coming April. Through the request of Mr. Adam Smith, the Society will have a freee table at the convention to promote itself, and greet the happy denizens of the convention. I hope all will come to the convention, and make merry.



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Greetings! My name is Rob. I live way down south in the balmy Niagara Penninsula. In days gone by I participated in a lot of historical reenactment (both medieval and dark ages). As I've aged I"ve done a lot of stupid things to my body and I'm just not up to the rigor of full plate anymore :). My son's are REALLY into the cyberpunk stuff that I was into when I was a kid. I've always been strangely attracted to steam power and actually grew up in a victorian era farm house. I've been ravenously reading web resources and watching some classic favourites of mine (like the time machine) and some newer classics too like howl's moving castle and wild wild west. I've decided to put my armouring and leatherworking skills to work and put together hopefully a whole houseful of steampunk stuff! I live for it why not live in it right?

So long story short Im' looking forward to meeting people and klearning and hopefully attending some events!

Thanks for reading the novel!

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Amanda Stock
Posts: 3

Hi Lloyd, good to see you here.

Rob, we'd love to have you at our events! Do try and come out to one someday.

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Hello and thanks for opening the group up! Looking forward to participating in the steamy Toronto scene!

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Although I'm actually in Hamilton, I can only assume that I will make it out to a Toronto event eventually.  I'm looking forward to it.

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