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Professor Taelstrum
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I'm looking for shops or events where I could pick up bits and bobs, gears and widgets that I could use in steampunk costumes or accessories.

I'm in Montreal, but I do travel to Ottawa and Toronto now and again, so can anyone give me recommendations in these general areas where I might this stuff?

Maybe the webmaster could create a page for it if we get enough submissions!


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Living as I am in the depths of Alberta, I only wish to give some general suggestions. 

Luckily for me, there are several steampunk vendors who make the rounds of anime and comic book conventions in this area - you could try the like over in the east as well.

I also like to stop by second hand/ thrift stores, like Salvation Army and others like them. You never know what you can find in there. Even if it's just an old broken watch that you could smash apart for the pieces, if you can get it for 50 cents, well, that's a bonus, right? The other neat thing about such stores is that everything is so worn; I know people who have picked up cheap leather goods (jackets, aviator-like hats) for relatively cheap - at least, cheaper than brand new, with the bonus of them looking weather-beaten.

I have also shopped online. My favourite website has to be this one here:

There, I bought the dress shirt and spectacles that I'm wearing in my profile picture, as well as several other things, including Professor Ocularo's x-ray monocle, which is an awesome gag item. They also sell brothel tokens, spats, and all manner of historical, western, and steampunk clothing. 

I hope that these suggestions help!


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Lee Ann Farruga
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Check the Directory page for a number of outstanding online steampunk vendors.

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