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In my excitement to be able to attend Ad Astra I've been feverishly working on several projects in hops to make a steamy showing at Ad Astra.

Her'e my first pistol, it started life as one of these

Now it looks like this.

Would LOVE feedback. This will eventually be one of a matched pair.


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nessie monster
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Nice! Very streamlined ...or should that be steamlined? :)

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Very nice! I like the detailing on the barrel. I have to wonder, though, if you shouldn't put something on the grip? In my experience, there is usually some sort of textured bit in the wood where you must hold onto the weapon. But then again, a quick search of google images shows that not all early guns had them... But I think that a lot of the ones from the 19th century onwards did. I could be wrong, though. 

I'm thinking of details like this:

It would give you a chance to make this firearm even more neat-looking, at the very least! (Not that it isn't awesome already.)


I intend to live forever; so far, so good.

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