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My second novel just came out this month:

Knights of the Sea

~ A Grim Tale of Murder, Politics, and Spoon Addiction ~

There's also a free mp3 of the half-hour radio play that was made of one of my short stories, "The Resident Member", which you can download at


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Knights of the Sea: Reminiscent of Gaiman’s lighter works least, according to this recent review...


"I was first drawn to Knights of the Sea by the hilarious cover art. Now, having read the book, I can say two things: First, the art is accurate! Every element of the cover design — wolf, capsized boat, ghostly damsel, and lemon — is present in the plot. Second, the book is just as funny as the cover, and in a very good way… Paul Marlowe’s style of humor is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s lighter works… if you enjoy dry wit, Victoriana/steampunk elements, and plucky teenagers saving the world, you’ll probably like Knights of the Sea. It’s an tale of high adventure that takes a humorous look at… well, pretty much everything, from politics to romance to lycanthropy. Give it a shot if you liked Stardust or Good Omens."

- Kelly Lasiter,

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Lee Ann Farruga
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Great review!  I look forward to personally enjoying your book soon.

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