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Hello All:

I have decided to embark into a personal photographic project ofbig proportions focusing on Steampunk as the mood and trend.

The scope of the project is to recreate the universe surroundingthe genre throughout evocative and dramatic imagery. We'll be using a studio for this project and/or selected locations that match thehistorical period as well.

At this time I would like to invite anyone wanting to be involved in this project to contact me, I will be happy to provide you with any information related:

In order to participate in this project you are:

  • A Steampunk enthusiast with wardrobe and/or props related to the genre
  • A Steampunk enthusiast with wardrobe and/or props related to the genre, willing to model
  • A Designer involved in the production of Steampunk clothing and/or related gadgetry
  • A person with through knowledge of Steampunk's historical setting and technological paraphernalia, who wish to help stylizing the photoshoots.

Feel free to reach me to


Thank you



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bump !

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If you haven't already you might want to talk to Cliff (DJ Th'Elf on facebook) thru the TSS facebook group you might more helpers

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Lee A. Farruga
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Definitely try posting on the TSS Facebook group page as well. I have found your original discussion post on the Steampunk Canada page, I'll post it on the wall as well.


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