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Lee A. Farruga
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1. All sexual and violent content in threads, posts and membership information is prohibited. Do not link to a pornagraphic site or a site with porngraphic advertising.

2. In all profile photos, the people must be dressed in a manner appropriate for a public area. Bathing suits, yes, frontal nudity, no. Language? Hell, yes! F*ck, no. Just stay away from the dreaded F word and the controversial C word and you're fine. Use them and your out.


3. Personal insults.  All posts containing insults directed at any other member will be deleted without comment.  You have the right to tell someone you disagree with their views.  You do not have the right to call them an idiot for having those views. 

4.  Hatred and harassment.  Any posts promoting racism, hatred or constituting harassment will be removed. No religious proselytizing or bashing, of any religion. 

5.  Copyright violation. Material that infringes intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any party cannot be posted.  Instead a link must be provided to the originating site (eg: newspaper articles). Unless express permission has been given to you by the copyright holder. 

6.  Illegal content.  Posts offering or seeking pirated materials or promoting other illegal activities will be removed. 

7.  Persistent trolling, like regular spam, will lead to instant deletion of a user's profile. 

8.  Remember to be polite and sometimes agree to disagree. Simply, play nice or go somewhere else. 

Any thread/post in violation of these standards will be deleted without warning or explanation. 


If you find a post containing these elements, please send me a private message.



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