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Seeing as steampunk is pretty underground even as underground stuff goes, it can be hard to find places to get the supplies for a newbe steampunk. So I thought I'd share my discoveries here to help others. Hopefully, others will also have secret treasure stashes to share as well.

The first three have the advantage of being located on the same street, within a few blocks of each other and near metro Mont-Royal.

Image-In Accessories

This is a costume shop that has a lor of interesting accessories. It's probably not the best place for the costume itself but they have hats, goggles, wigs, gloves, glasses and a lot of trinkets that will give you ideas. I bought my glasses there.


This is actually a goth shop but they have some clothes, hats and goggles that could be used for steampunk. This is actually where I bought my top hat.

Folles Aliées

This store is an Alibaba cave for steampunk. They sell clothes of various old styles concentraitig on victorian (both new and used I think).

365 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, QC, H2T 1R1, 514-843-4904

Henri Henri

One of the most renowned hat stores in Canada. Expensive but really nice.

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Minerva Li
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Antique and junk shops are awesome for stuff to.  I found one in a strip mall about 5 mins walking from work and I go there on lunch hours to dig up awesome finds.


The Renfield Trading Company - Serving the Undead Since 2010.

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Hi Vokhev!

Great post. I would recommend looking through for local and global wares.

For example, I just searched for: steampunk montreal, and found 14 results at present from Montreal shops, and searched for: steampunk canada, and found 135 wares, from various Canadian shops. Also plugged in simply: steampunk, and got 51,708 hits! Hope this helps, Margaret

P.S. You can also hit up your friends/networks of friends who are crafty to create something custom made.

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Gumby the Apprentice
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I've had great luck with my local thrift stores, to find workable items. Whether you were looking for clothes to paint, or electronics to augment, or brassware to puzzle bits together, they are just filled with idea makers. Additional to thrift stores are Salvation Army or Value Villages to find stuff. One bonus with shopping at second hand stores, is you can just shop there for parts. Example: a battery operated clock from the store is $10-20. From a thrift store, $3. Buy 2 of them and experiment with them.

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@MisfitChic: Yeah, I did look around Etsy and I'll probably get a few things from there. I hadn't thought of using it to find steampunk sources in Montréal specifically though. Good idea.

@Vongar: Oh! I do look at these kind of places. Actually, the clothes in my costume are pretty much all second hand from various sources. There's also a store near my house that sells (among other things) repaired old clocks and typewriters. I intend to go see if they have parts that are useless to them that I could acquire. A friend of my father also repairs clocks and watches. I already got a few alarm clocks and a hadfull of watches from him. They're a little modern but I managed to get a few good parts out of these :)

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There is one other place I haven't mentioned where I found a lot of great stuff: Marché aux puces Saint-Michel. It's a flea market at the corner of Saint-Michel and Highway 40. Contrarily to most flea markets these days, this one is actually about used stuff, not just selling without taxes.

They are open Friday to Sunday if I remember correctly. But, if you go there make sure you have at least an hour, maybe a few. There are a lot of kiosks, some of which are hidden away in obscure corners, and the good stuff tends to be spread and hidden amid huge quantities of pure junk. But I must admit the "treasure chase" itself is par of the fun.

One must bare in mind that most steampunk-looking stuff will actually be old so it can be a little pricey. But you can sometimes negotiate nice deals, especially for parts rather than complete items.

I can't enumerate everything that could be considered steampunk but I saw, clocks, jewelry, bags, old photo albums, old photos, keys, a telegraph and one guy had three phonographs (all over 300$ unfortunately).

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