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I'm not really a convention goer, so before I start loading for bear for my and M'Lady's various sets of garb I was wondering what the CNSE's weapons policy will be? Currently looking at real belt knives (such as my Bowie), plastic guns (preferably without bright orange tips), and cast-metal Denix replica guns (definitely without bright orange tips). I'm sure you've seen the pics of me with them before. Possibly with some scratch-built metal weapons (a 'sword' of sorts, for example, if I ever get time to finish it). I obviously don't want to invest the time and money into anything I can't wear or pose with at the convention. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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Adam Smith
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We haven't got a formalized weapons policy just yet, but I'm going to suggest that real bladed weapons are going to be a no-no. Too many silly things can happen in crowded indoor quarters in the evening when alcohol is available.

Orange tips on modded toys aren't required in Ontario (they are in some states), but are a good idea in some cases. Some costumers get around ruining photo opps by having removeable orange tips that can be popped off for photos and reinstalled for making your way through the crowd.

Denix pieces present a challenge...  modern cartridge-firing firearm replicas are prohibited weapons under the Canadian Criminal Code, and we'll have to make that clear to our foreign visitors before they arrive. This also applies to any clear-plastic airsoft-style "toy" guns, which become prohibited weapons with a coat of paint. Any of the Denix flintlock replicas should be fine.

I'm going to also suggest (and this will likely become policy) that carrying of replica/modded weapons outside the hotel will be disallowed, and that if you attract unwanted attention from the local constabulary you will be on your own.



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That all makes perfect sense. Thanks for the heads up, and I shall plan accordingly!    :)


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