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Dr. Etherial
Posts: 4

Seeing how prevalent tattoos are now, and knowing their place in history, I was wondering if any of our members have interesting Victorian/Steampunk tattoos?  What do you have, or what woudl you get? 

I have other ink, but I'm thinking of working something Steamy into my next piece. 

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Posts: 185

I've always wanted to get the rogue squadron emblem from Star Wars, not necessarily steampunk I know, but I've tended to want a steampunk aspect to the tattoo.  Gold stars rusted with the impure iron within, that frayed, almost leather look to the circle surrounding the emblem, that sort of stuff.

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Phoenix Artemis Black
Posts: 38

I have been working on a design for a cresent moon with wings extending, as a piece for my collarbone, since I was 16. Finally settled on a mechanical/clockwork crescent moon with bio-mechanical wings. I lack a scanner to post my drawing but I will see about a photo later. The other one I have been talking to an artist with is to make my arm look like it was torn open, with clockwork underneath.


The Mistress Of Black Steam

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