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Creighton Burrows -Advocate for Expeditious Physical Prowess
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So here it is - have a read:

Torqueblade training has been influenced by the need for adaptability of impromptu weapons. It can be said that Indian club training has long incorporated this practice by increasing the size and therefore the load of the training tool. The British military adopted these exercises in the 1800′s.

“Club swinging is believed to have originated in India by soldiers as a method of improving strength, agility, balance and physical ability. During the annexation of India, British officers witnessed the graceful motions and essential property of expanding the chest and exercising every muscle of the body. The British brought the Indian Clubs to Europe where the Germans and Czechs adopted club swinging into their physical training systems”.

Information kindly supplied by DR. ED Thomas of

“The British military, moving with the times decided to upgrade the Royal Navy. The Admiralty at that time replaced sails in favor of steam, to power the new warships. Consequently, labor was not as demanding and the Admiralty perceived a lack of fitness. So the R.N. adopted the training regime of club swinging. To this day the fitness instructors in the R.N. are still referred to as Clubs”.

Information kindly supplied by Warrant Officer Richardson P.T.I. (R.N.)

I amalgamated my appreciation of blade training with medicine ball type exercises and the training regime of Indian club training.

To take you back to the quote of Darwin that “adaptability ensures a creature’s success” In other words functional training. Or to put it another way “If you can’t pull yourself out of a hole, what use are you?” (Mind you, seeking and avoiding holes would probably be a better lesson to study?).

The conception of the Torqueblade came from two routes, like parallel lines on train track, both heading in the same direction. The two routes are “Functional Fitness” and the “Arts of Mars” Martial Arts does actually mean the arts of Mars, the Roman deity of battle and therefore warlike arts both originating from the need to improve certain desired attributes, and both heading towards a similar goal. I originally started designing the Torqueblade from the desire to develop an awkward training tool to enhance adaptability to impromptu weapons. This would also challenge the body’s equilibrium when in motion. These requirements would aide in adaptability.

Follow this link for more info:

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Creighton Burrows -Advocate for Expeditious Physical Prowess
Posts: 7

I have been interested in old school fitness, as a youth I did not have the aptitude to compete with my rivals. Over the years I trained, made mistakes, recovered and out lasted my competition. I questioned the origin of fitness and how the later part of the 20th century happened to be more concerned with aesthetics than aptitude. Even the expression "The Strongest Survive" is a misrepresentation of Darwins quote referring to: “In the struggle for survival, the fittest winout, at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” Darwin I developed Torqueblade, which is a preventative maintenance program that develops sound body mechanics and challenges the cardiovascular and muscular systems via balance. In short a full body work out with desirable attributes. Other Torqueadian programs assist in synergistic strength and meditation in motion. The concept of Torqueadia allows an individual to express themselves in a unique manner which incorporates fitness and fantasy. A person who wishes to develop a beneficial lifestyle often embraces fantasy as a way to expedite change. This is a very powerful concept and one which at Torqueblade is understood very well. So with blade in hand and eye on the past, best foot forward and tongue in cheek – we embrace the concepts of Torqueadia and step forward. Why not embrace a similar idea yourself or join me? In any case explore more than the aesthetic, delve deeper and ask yourself "What am I doing to continue the endeavor of Victorian physical prowess?"

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