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We held it last year with a lot of fun to be had, hopefully we can bring the house down with fun this year. Time-traveling knights (Okay so just knights jousting.) Costume contests, riverside tea-parties, art lining the streets and a steam-powered corn cob cooker!

That's what we had last year, and hopefully this year will be a tonn of fun!~

We are looking for volunteer acrobats, unicyclists, violinists(or other instruments), people who ride bikes with huge wheels, people who can juggle, people who can walk on stilts ...

We're looking for entertainers and the such, volunteer cause we don't have too much money but want to have fun anyways!


So that's what an invisible wall looks like.

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Alexander Ulysses Pitt
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I would be interested in going . Post some more info when you can.

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I know this an old thread, but I'd love to hear more about this event! Do you have a date set?

You might want to ask some of the local museums if you could post notices about looking for volunteers. I know there are at least two staff members of the Simcoe County museum who can ride penny farthing bikes.

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The Coldwater Steampunk Festival was a great success. The rain almost held off and I am sure that over 1000 people came through during the day.

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this year there was at least 3000 people great weather

and the rat roads (autos in case you have not heard the term)

were in attendance.

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Lee A. Farruga
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Great to see that you've grown each year. Congratulations!

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