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I know there are a few Steampunk-based games out there, although I have not had the oportunity to try any of them out as of yet.  I have been too busy beta-testing Guild Wars 2 (and pining for it in between test weekends!) to really look at other games.  But for those of you that enjoy Steampunk MMORPGs, I urge you to give GW2 a go!

Two of the races in particular are heavilly Steampunk, especially the Charr (a cat-like warrior race), although whichever one of the five races you chose you will have the oportunity to aquire Steampunk weaponry and gadgets.  It's a beautiful mixture of fantasy and technology, and the gameplay itself is like nothing out there!  Just trust me when I say you will be blown away!  :)

If anybody is interested in the game, I would love to hear from you, and we could maybe set up a Steampunk guild.  Since there will be many servers, it would be nice if we could pick the same one.  Unofficialy, the Tarnished Coast one will be the role-players server, and that's where hubby and I will probably go.

It releases on August 28th, although you can get a three-day advance on playing if you pre-purchase. (GAH, I sound like an advertisment for GW2!)


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That sound fun. I've never played GW myself but it's definetly something I could get into.

I just recently heard about a steampunk game that will be releasing in October called Dishonoured. Looked kind of interesting

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While I played the first GW for a number of years, the MMO part of it just didn't do it for me. I often played the game solo even though I belonged to a guild (which were a group of my real life friends).

But yes, the Charr in GW 2 are a cat-dog-bull-thing-beast-like coal and steam industrial society. In a world of magic it seems strange, but in the first game they were being jerked around by so many false and true gods that they just up and abandonned the whole theology thing and went strictly with technology.

The Asura, a small gremlin-mogwai on the other hand, scientifically use magic to design and use their technology. Which would make them more "Rune-punk" maybe? Anyways, they love gears and goggles and automatons, and condescending to the lower bookahs (Humans, though the word actually means make-believe boogie man that isn't scary and you mock instead), and the game designers seem to slip in a lot of real life memes into their language and culture.

By all means, buy the game and play it all you want. No monthly subscription required. Think of it as a less cartoony WoW with a different history and interface.


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