Steampunk Ottawa at Canada Museum of Sci and Tech Steampunk Ottawa at Canada Museum of Sci and Tech Sunday's Crew Everyone who came and helped out on Sunday. 145225727 Crazy Craft Girls These two spent the weekend cutting out a large number of various coloured mustaches for the wee visitors to the museum. 145225728 Top Hat Workshop This room was never empty after I took this photo first thing on Saturday morning. The workshop was run by our member Gailene Green. 145225729 Incredible Creation - Nautilus Clock Amazing creation by our member JF Ferrary. 145225730 Squids! Close up of top of Nautilus Clock. 145225731 Goggles with extras Comes with ear plugs against noisy motors....and children.... 145225732 Doctor's Bag No description needed. Just gorgeous! 145225733 Our Dear Inventor Member David Hardwick was the star of the weekend. Everyone loved his inventions. You can watch him talk about his creations on the Video page. 145225734 Mustache Making Mustache on a stick was a big hit with the little ones....and some moms too! 145225735 Mustache Demonstration Notice how it gives one a little attitude. 145225736 We were a "Special Activity" This was us for Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time and the museum loved us. 145225737 Steampunk creations We had a few people bring their creations to show off. 145225738 The perfect Christmas Card. Member Barb Buchanan made everything she's wearing! She's an amazing leather worker. 145225739 Barb and I 145225740 Saturday's Crew Everyone who came to help out on Saturday. 145225741 Saturday Treat We were allowed into one of the museum's cabooses for this photo. 145225742 Member Katharine Tutt-Vessia looking mighty fine while helping out. 145225743 The Tesla Coil They have a Tesla coil that sparks when someone runs the hamster wheel....that's what teenagers are for! 145225744 On Display They have many fabulous things on display, but this I want for our steampunk library. 145225745 Descendent of Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter! 145225746 So adorable! Our amazing craft mistress Katharine Tutt-Vessia made these adorable creations from the book behind them. 145225747 Most of January's crew at the Museum We're missing two people from this photo who also helped out. Gailene Green and David Hardwick. 146456227 Our second visit to the Museum We were so popular in December they asked us to come back. So we returned on January 7, 2012. 146456228 Kraken in the House... 146456229 Kraken/Cthulhu mask on display 146456230 Steampunk Viking 146456231 Vintage attire 146456232 Gailene Green and her lovelies. You can see her Robogirlie in the right hand corner of the photo. 146456233