my steam creations my steam creations Mad Scientist Light 148147760 me and my uni-ocular enhancement device me....wearing my uni-ocular enhancement device 148147761 skull with steampunk adornments uni-ocular enhancement device, copper spiked mowhawk, earhorn, and various piercings 148147762 uni-ocular enhancement device just finished...needs some tweeking 148147763 plasma light punk`d 149430651 hand filed brass gears i cut and filed theses using mostly hand tools...find out how at 150824574 "GEAR HEADZ" BOOT DECORATIONS made these because i hated the harley badge on my bike boots, now they work for steampunk too woooo...hooooooo!!!!!! 155155965 GEAR HEADZ yes...they spin...few more days n i get that see if they spin whilst riding my motorcycle (not a steampunk bike but vintage) 155155966