Trusham's Millinery Trusham's Millinery My Top Hat Side 1 This has become somewhat of my trademark hat...everybody seems to know it, especially with all the pins it has on it now! 158185633 Lady's Top Hat Back 158185634 #S2172 A very popular pattern for Steampunkers, Simplicity's 2172. I love seeing all the different variations of it, including my own! 158185639 My #2172 As worn by my lovely model, Katie! This coat seems to be a forever work-in-progress for me because I keep changing it bit by bit, it no longer has sleeves on it. 201587909 That's my boy! :D This is the tunic I made Brian for last year's Gala in London, he got lots of compliments on it. 201587912 Dapper Brian My son't first outfit in the world of Steampunk. 201587905 1859 Boy's Outfit This was a very simple play outfit I made for my son to wear while camping during the events we attended when Civil War Re-enacting. 158185641 Pirate Coat The pattern matching was a happy mistake! 201587906 Garrison Cap This was my first attempt at drafting a hat pattern myself rather than using a 'ready-made' one from somewhere and I think the result was great! 158185636 1860's Ball Gowns The green bodice and skirt worn by my friend Jane was my first ball gown, made from a very heavy poly-satin. I cheated on this one by using the fabric selvage as the 'hem', I figured the weight of the fabric was sufficient to forgo a proper hem. The ivory and peach bodice and skirt was a fun project! 13 yards of polished cotton and almost 65 yards of hand threaded lace! Myself and two friends worked for two weeks straight to get this one done. My dining room looked like a sweat shop at the time! LOL 158185640 Renaissance Corset The tabs on this were a royal pain to trim! 201587907 Prince Hans I hand painted the design on the jacket. 201587908 Dr. DOOM I am now the 'official' seamstress for Ontario Dr. Doom! 201587910 Brocade Vest I made this for a friend, for last year's "East Meets West" Gala in London. This year's theme is "Clue" and I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with! I've got 5 costumes to get ready for it! Yikes!! 201587911