Steampunk Canada at The Asylum, UK 2012 Steampunk Canada at The Asylum, UK 2012 Getting ready for the fashion show 165611112 Miranda in Regency 165611113 Lady Elsie was the announcer and one of the designers 165611114 Rowan in Civil War attire 165611115 Miranda in steampunk hunter wear 165611116 There were many beautiful historical fashions 165611117 ....and steampunk fashions 165611118 There were a number of fabulous outfits for the men too 165611119 Dashing! 165611120 Lovely 165611121 Exquisite 165611122 Another one for the gents 165611123 Combination of traditional and fantastic 165611124 For the young lady 165611125 The outfits wore by this couple were indeed their wedding attire 165611126 Traders on the street have just opened for business It was very busy the whole weekend. 165611127 There were many amazing costumes 165611128 Opening ceremony and parade of banners 165611129 Lovely couple and a young lady to match. They were not in any way related or even there together, they just matched beautifully. 165611130 With the girls by the castle 165611131 The Mechanic and girls by the castle 165611132 Steampunk Dorothy rocked it! 165611133 ....and Toto too At first I thought he was a steampunk Scooby Doo. Either way, very cute. 165611134 Steampunk witch with amazing broom! 165611135 This couple had unbelievable matching outfits. 165611136 Most people at The Asylum had outfits, not costumes. Real outfits of incredibly well made pieces. 165611137 There were many very well dressed gentlemen 165611138 Gorgeous (both of them) 165611139 Even the young folk were incredibly creative 165611140 Love, true love.... And together they create amazing art and literature. 165611141 Countessa Lenora and Emily Ladybird together at last! 165611142 Gretchen's Nerf Punk 165611143 Steampunk bike 165611144 Comfortable ladies Waiting for everyone to pass through inspection to be part of the Guinness World Record attempt 165611145 The Major on stilts 165611146 Even those on wheels were well put together 165611147 Lovely workmanship 165611148 Herr Doktor doing Weird West 165611149 Gathering for the world record attempt 165611150 Fans of Steam Powered Giraffe Great work on the makeup 165611151 Great entertainment by Lady Raygun This is how the great ball began. Fantastic! 165611152 The girls in gowns getting down 165611153 Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer 165611154 Gretchen in her new gown She makes the most outstanding clothes. 165611155 The family with Gretchen 165611156 Sunday parade of the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment 165611157 The Mechanic was asked to join in 165611158 Queen Victoria herself came for inspection 165611159 Chatting about the colonial recruit 165611160 Looking quite sharp indeed! 165611161 Fantastic specimens! 165611162 Air kraken beak 165611163 Vampire defense 165611164 Steampunk mousetrap 165611165 In the Lincoln castle jail 165611166 Tea dueling (sorry about the quality - the camera doesn't like to cooperate at times) 165611167 No words - just amazing 165611168 How they roll at their Dead Dog party 165611169 Professor Elemental at the Dead Dog party 165611111