Steampunk Lightsaber - how I built one Steampunk Lightsaber - how I built one Wooden lamp support 165621142 Vcr micro switches 165621145 Drill out switch holes 165621143 Test fit 165621144 Take apart flashlight and a laser pointer 165621146 Take apart (relocate) flashlight switch, hopefully without damaging the switch 165621147 Put the middle threaded hollow rod from the lamp through the switch hole, held in place with a nut and washer 165621148 Figuring out the wire placement 165621149 The basic idea 165621150 Feels good 165621151 Copper plumbing connectors. Also took a small (BX) articulated mini flashlight arm, off the laser pointer. 165621152 The laser pointer fit inside the copper. Had to use electrical tape inside, wrapped around the light, just to keep it a friction fit 165621153 Used the articulated arm to run the wires back to the handle and switches 165621154 Cleaned up/soldered the wired 165621156 Added a ceiling fan pull knob to the laser pointer. It can be removed, but I like the effect as a diffuser. 165621157 Put a brass sink tail piece, with the slip nut to cover over the flashlight. Also drilled holes in the brass, to make it look a tad bit cooler. The tripod is just for show. 165621158 In the dark. 165621160 Added a brass cone and metal ring (from a hanging light), so I can hang this from my belt. 165621155 Top 165621159 Middle 165621161 Bottom 165621162 All together 165621163 It's solid and hangs well on a belt. 165621164