Phill Holder's Steampunk Factory Phill Holder's Steampunk Factory Space Cowboy My Art Studio Piece Captian Kirk's great grandfathers chair. 167450180 Motor Madness My Art Studio Piece Lost on a 3 hour tour...a 3 hour tour 167450181 Sowing Machine My Art Studio piece Steampunk child's toy 167450182 Lamp "O" Edison My Art Studio piece Table lamp with Edison carbon filament squirrel cage and art nevaue base 167450183 Clock Work Spike My Art Studio piece Wall clock for those who mean business 167450184 Chance Table My Art Studio piece with spin top. One of a kind fortune teller's table or exotic card table. 167450185 Me and my Spirit Judge My Art Studio piece the Spirit Judge and myself at a media day. Just crank up the Spirit Judge's music box and look into the mirror for the truth about may not want to hear the answers! 167450186