Blood Steam and Gears Blood Steam and Gears Poster for The Airship event Sunday February 24, 2013 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM McKibbons Pub, 1426 Bishop Street, Montreal, Quebec (map) Despite the tragic death of Provost Fortescue seven years previous, Students and Faculty from King George Science College competed in the final days of International Exposition in Brussels this past November. Having won renown on this world stage, many have been invited to exhibit at the International Science Exposition in New York this month. Lady Cholmonderly-Mainwaring will be sponsoring a voyage to New York aboard the airship ?The Wall Cloud? for those participating and selected guests. For now, King George Science College is putting out a call for submissions by inventors wishing to participate in the exhibition. If you wish to submit an invention to put on display, please contact us by electronic courier ( *Please note that for logistical reasons, if your invention is much bigger than a bread box, it will be crated in the cargo hold for the duration of the voyage. * LOCATION: McKibbons Pub, 2nd floor 1426 Bishop Street Montreal Go to the website ( for more details and to register to play. 173299195