Steve's 3D Artwork Steve's 3D Artwork The Library part 1 Captain Blaze finds the location of the desert tower, "Here it is!". 174005463 The Library part 2 Lady Blaze, "Where?". 174005464 The Library part 3 Captain Blaze, "Here!". 174005461 The Library part 4 Lady Blaze, "Ohhhh, THERE!". 174005462 Zeppelin Assault part 1 Captain & Lady Blaze enroute to the desert tower. 174005456 Zeppelin Assault part 2 Oh, fiddlesticks, we may be in a tad of difficulty! 174005455 Zeppelin Assault part 3 First assault run. 174005452 Zeppelin Assault part 4 Staying the course! 174005454 Zeppelin Assault part 5 Second assault run, but the zeppelin still flies! 174005453 Desert Tower part 1 After safely landing at the tower, they discovered the first secret. Adversaries are hot on their trail. 174005460 Desert Tower part 2 The steamflier banks away, trying to find a place to land. 174005459 Desert Tower part 3 The translocator will send our heroes to their next destination. 174005457 Desert Tower part 4 Captain Blaze will follow soon. 174005458