Hubby and I at Fan Expo in TO 2012 Hubby and I at Fan Expo in TO 2012 Joe (my hubby) He wore this the second and third days of Fan Expo. Had a lot of pictures taken! 175128847 Me Day 2 of the Expo, the skirt was hand made by myself (I had some help)..the bottom was lavender and had some lace on the bottom. 175128848 Me Day 3 of the Expo (Saturday). This is to show what work went into my hair, I had to braid it first. 175128849 Day 3 Then I wrapped each braid around my head. 175128850 Day 3 again And then put my hat on. The wrapped braids helped the hat stay on. 175128851 Day 3 Ready to go! 175128852 Middle of Day 3 This is me before I got changed. 175128853