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Professor Gustave Morbeus

Joined May 16 2013
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 Professor of :

Omni/spiritual/metaphysics, specialized in abstract/techno/reconstruction and pseudo/retro/philo/psychology.

High commissioner of Pataphysics.

Patentor Extraordinaire.

Founding member of the Creative Institute of Ambiguous Unity.

Also member of French Steampunk and Steampunk Empire and steampunk Ottawa.

Currently conducting research in pure creativity at the Creative Institute of Ambiguous Unity in my imachinathorium ambiguum, located at the centre of the universe number 23987528947857897437455000000000000000007647356.

 - I am therefore I imachinate.

- We are the very thingness of things, very small tempo-realities.

- The world is not what it appears to be nor is it otherwise.

- Contrary to the combustion engine the bicycle is an invention.

- Le véritable éther, l'essence ciel pour ainsi dire, c'est de toute évidence l'amour.

- Creativity is intuitive so, if I try to think, nothing happens.

- Cogito inflatium ergo sum

 Inventions and patents:

 The: Centres of the universe dual generator.

Quantum neural destabilizer.

BS disintegrator.

Space/time discontinuator.


Metaphometaphysical probe.

Perpetual immobilizer.

Pseudo patameta abstractions.


Opinion dilutalator.

Paradox incinerator.

Bizarre normalizer.


Pataphysical - circumventriculator ( patent pending )


Cogitations collecto-neuro amplifier.

Singularity Chronometer.

In-tempo reallity mind relocation singular synchronizer.

Latest News from the Imachinambiguum :

Professor Gustave Morbeus announces the discovery of a new fantasticuus elementis that he named the: - Absurdabstractium. Prof Morbeus believes this new source of creative energy permeates the entire patametaphysical universe.

Much more on this uncreditable discovery in a future report.

Professor Morbeus the foremost specialist on Absurdabstractiuum warms that this elementis is extremely unsubstantiable and that he is currently experimenting to find ways of isolating and harnessing this vast source of creative power. One member of the empire already expressed his interest in this elementis to power his fleet of steam airships.

Furthermore Morbeus suggested that if he is successful this discovery could lead to yet another paradigmatic invention shift.

More on this in a future report.

More news from the Imachinathorium Ambiguum today.

Professor Gustave Morbeus the Empire's PataMetaphysical authority confirmed today that he was successful in harnessing the creative potential power of his recent discovery the elementis fantasticuus now known as Absurdabstractium.

Prof Morbeus would not reveal the secret of the technology utilized in this process but indicated that the apparatus involved the use of a quantum cerebrum interlinked with his brain in order to stabilize the otherwise evasive elementis. Morbeus also indicated his intent to make use of this virtually limitless source of creative energy to power his inventions.

 Latest News from the Imachinathorium Ambiguum

Professor Gustave Morbeus announced today that the Patametaphysical encyclopedia is now almost complete. Known in the more arcane circles as the Great Universum Compendium Andthensum, this encyclopedia comprises everything known, knowable and unknowable.

Imachinathorium Ambiguum ( Press release 20/12/2013 )

It is now my profound belief that the Uni-verse, indeed the entire cosmos, is a song. Yes, a song composed of multi-verses harmonized into One. This belief was inspired by the creation myths I encountered while visiting cultures from many worlds throughout the cosmos. Patametaphysicians have long suspected this theory and today I am convinced of its validity. The cosmos is the divine love song of the Great Goddess: Éther N'Elle, also known has the goddess: Elle est terre nue or again also known as Tetrahedra and again under a multitude of other names according to which culture you belong or that you happen to be studying.

Furthermore I have linked this creation myth with it's antipode the so called destruction myth. Which gave me the following proposition formulated thus:

La Déesse Éther N'Elle, Elle est terre nue et Elle Éteint celle qui N'Éther plus.

However since the cosmos is a perpetual regenerative motion

we must add the following final proN'Éther qui Éteint Celle et Elle est terre nue la Déesse Éther N'Elle

This then completes the expression or if you like the refrain. 

Professor Gustave Morbeus