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i've been interested in steampunk for a while but never done anything about it, well that has changed. although i'm a noob i've put together quite a costume so far, as i have an Armour making background through the s.c.a.(society for creative anachronism) i think putting these skills to use in steampunk gear will be quite easy. i hail from the farthest reach of the empire in the land of the southern cross (Australia) and i'm glad u let m into your organisation as i found your group to be most informative. i am going for either a shock trooper / merc / bounty hunter, or an enlisted anti piracy shock trooper persona (with a little inspiration from ww1 Australian and German soldiers). my kit is almost finished and my 1st event is soon so i'll get some pix up asap. any ideas for names would be appreciated. also as i'm a noob any suggestions and or help that can be offered as to getting steampunk groups and events organised would be a great help as i'd like to try to get steampunk more popular in oz.

a small tidbit of information about my Steampunk personae...


i am Lord Nate Thorsen, formally of the royal New South Wales Regiment - Australia. founder of the league of S.W.O.R.D.S. Tactical response & Bounty Hunters Guild, and Captain of the stealth airship the Spectre. the acronym S.W.O.R.D.S. translates to Special-Weapons-Operations-Reconnaissance- & Demolitions-Squad. the guild travels the world and "times" performing clandestine operations for governments, royalty, and high paying gentry without the knowledge or prying eyes of their peers. we catch bounty's, pirates and all manner of rogue criminals. we also specialize in tech recovery. the guild has 3 airships, the Spectre, the Wraith & the Razors Edge. while the Spectre and Wraith are stealth airships for deep counter insurgency ops, the Razors Edge is an all out assault vessel with many Tesla lightning projectors, cannons and other assorted projectile weapons. while our fee is considerable, we will not stop untill the job is done. we keep all tech recovered unless the mission itself is to recover tech, then we ask for a blueprint of recovered tech to add to our inventory, as a result out airships are soon to be fitted with 2 aether ornithopter gunships - thus we have become a most effective unit. the guild comprises of 3 assult groups - Crux Australis, Terra Australis & Van Deiman. while we are based in the southern hemisphere this does not stop us from being hired globally, in fact our location proves to be a boon to our employers who wish to remain anonymous. business has been rather good and we will be looking to expand to the northern part of the globe in the future thus we are always on the lookout for recruits. thank you for your attention and good day to you Sir / ma'am.