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What is your favourite thing about steampunk?

  Its difficult for most to pinpoint what it is exactly they like about Steampunk and I am no different… The closest I've come to winnowing my answer into something resembling a concrete answer is actually something made up of a few reasons...

Being a handicap now when I was beforehand a prominent costumer with a normal working body and needing to keep a normal obsessive compulsive nature satisfied about details that hardcore costumers have is tricky to keep contented.

Steampunk affectionate reason number one is it allows an individual to create a lifestyle, persona or costume around something to effortlessly include any unique details that are indispensable to the player and still keep playing along. Steampunk costumes and outfits allows for handicaps to be included without having to sacrifice authenticity like a good Cosplay demands or hiding anything like a Historical costume might require.


Affectionate reason two is it’s accepting. Yes there are sticklers out there that will have a narrow definition of what Steampunk is, but that’s their definition and since the very definition of Steampunk is debated, whose to say that Steampunk cannot accept individuals with limitations.


Affectionate reason three is simply that Steampunk is fun. It’s an outlet and a remedy, an enlightening pathway that to others can be a delight and a surprise to watch evolve into something even more amazing than what basic Steampunk already is.


There are many more reasons to write about but none as important as these three to me. To my knowledge there are few handicaps with a limitation like mine and fewer yet that still strive to do something creative with their time and Steampunk seemed like the effortless step to meet all that was newly required of me to keep in mind to continue doing what was once a hobby and is now my full time job. Thanks to Steampunk, it’s given me purpose- inspiration- and hope all rolled into a wonder world full of gears and powered by steam.