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The Dominion Dispatch

Message from editor Adam Smith regarding The Dominion Dispatch:

The more observant amongst you will have noted the total lack of activity at the Dispatch. The truth is, with bigger and better irons in the fire (like organizing ) the schedule required to continue was becoming more and more difficult to find.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that we close our doors. As a newsletter for Steampunk Canada it could never keep up with the website news feed.  Book,music and event reviews will continue to flow from and the Steampunk Canada Facebook page. I thank all past contributors for your fantastic work.


While the Dispatch will no longer be produced, you can still read the older online versions on this page, and like Adam said, we will still post news and reviews on the website itself.  A HUGE thanks to Adam for the great newsletter he produced for us! HUZZAH!


Vol.2 Issue #2 of The Dominion Dispatch can be found HERE

Vol. 2 Issue #1 can be purchased by emailing the editor at to have a copy delivered.

Issue #3 of The Dominion Dispatch can be found HERE.

Issue #2 of The Dominion Dispatch can be found HERE.